Microsoft announce Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

Today’s big news is Microsoft’s announcement that they are planning to provide online, hosted, subscription-based versions of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint to organisations of all sizes. This is a big big step toward expanding their software plus services strategy. The new services are scheduled to be generally available to businesses of all sizes in the second half of the year.

Today, the sold-out first day of the SharePoint 2007 conference in Seattle, Microsoft announced these new hosted subscription-based services, and also the release of the Silverlight BluePrint for SharePoint and the general release of Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express.

SharePoint is just getting bigger and bigger. 3/4 of Fortune-100 organisations have now adopted SharePoint. It is Microsoft biggest, fastest selling server product today! It is the new de facto standard for enterprise collaboration, enterprise portal, enterprise search, enterprise content management, and enterprise social networking – all out-of-the-box!

Based on the proven, business-class software available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, the new online services announced today enable businesses to access e-mail, calendaring, contacts, shared workspaces, and web-conferencing and video-conferencing over the Web. The new services are managed through a single Web-based interface, designed to meet the needs of IT professionals. Through this security-enhanced interface, IT professionals can monitor the performance of the services, add and configure users, submit and track support requests, and manage users and licenses.

Bill Gates said. “With Microsoft Online Services, businesses can deploy software as a subscription service, from servers they manage on-site, or a combination of the two, depending on their specific needs. In the future, customers and partners should expect to see this kind of choice and flexibility for all of Microsoft’s software and server products.”

The keynote of the conference can be seen here:

  • High quality (750 kbps)
  • Medium quality (300 kbps)
  • Basic quality (100 kbps)
  • Video is well worth a watch, especially the second half which shows where the product is going to next!

    It looks like SharePoint is just getting bigger and bigger… Microsoft have doubled their technical and implementation consultancy support for SharePoint and they intend to double it again within the next 6 months to try to keep up with the increase in customer demand….

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    1 Response to Microsoft announce Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

    1. Jesse says:

      They are going to be the 500 lb Gorilla in that space. Others are in that business too and will continue to do very well. You should take a look at groupSPARK that issued a response to the Exchange online services announcement:

      groupSPARK, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of – hosted messaging and collaboration services such as private label Exchange Server 2007 and private label SharePoint 3.0, announced today that it welcomes Microsoft’s further entry into the hosted services market with the beta release of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs).

      Their CEO commented that with the added attention to the real value delivered by these solutions groupSPARK was uniquely positioned to help channel partners to take advantage of this explosive growth opportunity and maximize revenue.
      See: for more.

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