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Caesarean Section it is then!

Well, baby still hasn’t turned into the right position that is safe for natural birth, so we are booked in this week for a sunroof job at the Ulster Hospital. Think we have mixed emotions on the whole thing, between … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 – long awaited, delayed, but still probably the best and most popular Open Source Blogging platform, designed by Happy Cog and built by Automattic, has been released. Download, install it on your server, and enjoy. I had tried … Continue reading

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OpenOffice 2.4 Released is the leading open-source office software suite, sponsored by Sun Microsystems, for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computer operating systems including Windows, Linux and Apple … Continue reading

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GTA IV’s Latest Trailer – Everyone’s a Rat

I have played every GTA game ever released. I know my way around San Andreas better than I know how to get round the city I live in. Don’t really care how sad that sounds to some of you… I … Continue reading

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Baby Still Breech

Baby is officially due on the 7th April… and is still in the wrong breech position for easy natural birth. My wife went to the Ulster Hospital at Dundonald last week to see if it was possible to move the … Continue reading

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BioShock 2 Officially Announced

Take-Two Interactive have announced that BioShock 2 is officially in the pipeline. BioShock, designed by Ken Levine, released in August 2007, was one of last year’s biggest XBOX and PC first-person “genetically-enhanced” shooter games, with over 2 million units sold. … Continue reading

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Adobe to Apple… "Et Tu Brute?"

This week Microsoft landed a pretty substantial deal with Nokia to put Silverlight on their phones. In the same week, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, tells Adobe there won’t be Flash on the iPhone… now there’s a decision that’s going to … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Open Source Operating System

Today, Microsoft announced that they are making their experimental operating system called Singularity completely open source and is now available to the public for free download on CodePlex. Released under a Microsoft academic, non-commercial license the project has gained wide … Continue reading

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Nokia First To Take Advantage of Silverlight

Today, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft which will bring Rich Internet Application technology ‘Silverlight’ to millions of mobile phones. I posted about new rich Microsoft Silverlight user-interface technology in the context of Microsoft Surface last week… now we see … Continue reading

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Microsoft announce Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

Today’s big news is Microsoft’s announcement that they are planning to provide online, hosted, subscription-based versions of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint to organisations of all sizes. This is a big big step toward expanding their software plus services strategy. … Continue reading

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