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Great 8-part AngularJS tutorial from Gabriel Schenker

AngularJS–Part 1 AngularJS–Part 2, the controller AngularJS–Part 3, Inheritance AngularJS–Part 4, Accessing server side resources AngularJS–Part 5, pushing data to the server AngularJS–Part 6, Templates AngularJS–Part 7, Getting ready to test AngularJS–Part 8, More choice when testing Advertisements

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Best little diagram to illustrate different flavours of Cloud Computing.

Stumbled across this little diagram today illustrating the basic differences between the three main flavours of Cloud Computing: IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service PaaS – Platform as a Service SaaS – Software as a Service

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Microsoft and Oracle join forces in Cloud… threatened by Amazon Web Services much?

Interesting announcement on Monday…   Looks like Microsoft and Oracle have maybe woken up and realised that Amazon Web Services platform is a real threat…

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The all new Microsoft Azure looks amazing!

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Nokia is back… Microsoft is back… announcing the Lumia 800 awesomeness!!!

GEEK GUSH! Gadgetsphere goes bonkers over the new Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 coming in November. Still not as powerful Windows Phones as the Samsung Focus S, but the design alone is enough to make me want one of these. … Continue reading

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Computer Weekly very focused on cloud tech this week…

Energy firm scales IT through AWS Government invites bids for G-Cloud Government Cloud aims to change outrageously expensive public sector CIA Tech Chief says cloud is more secure Want to start focusing on your app more than the infrastructure? If … Continue reading

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Can’t get iOS to download…

Grrrr…. Managed to get iPad updated this morning. Still got phone to do. Not one app update or firmware update actually managed to complete tonight cos Apple’s servers are so busy… Apple’s web guys clearly haven’t come across the concepts … Continue reading

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