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50 Ways to go Green

Seen this today and thought that it was good enough to re-publish…

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NeuroSky – Dry EEG Headset

When… When… can we the consumer get our hands on these mind-reading and synthetic telepathy and telekinesis headsets… so cool! I blogged about Emotiv’s comparative headset a few months ago… they released pricing of about $299 per headset… … Continue reading

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New Microsoft XBOX 360

GTA IV… The game of the year is now only weeks away from being on the shelves and I simply cannot wait. There are some rumours that this game will be released for the PC in October but it’s just … Continue reading

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C-Section All OK

Baby decided to arrive a little earlier than expected. We had a planned C-Section for mid-week but my wife’s waters broke a day early so we ended up having an emergency C-Section instead at the Ulster Hospital. All went OK. … Continue reading

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