Baby is Breech

We went to Ulster Hospital last week for our 34 week scan.

As far as we can see baby is healthy – all OK.

But she’s not in the right position, she’s breech. We’re 35 weeks pregnant now and baby is meant to be head down. She’s about 4-5 lbs now, and there’s not so much room for he to move around. At this stage, the position she’s meant to be in is head down.

Helen’s GP had been feeling around her tummy and had thought all was OK, and so did the midwife, but whenever they scanned they found baby was still head up in breech position.

This has potentially scuppered the birth plan a bit!

We’ve to go back in two weeks time to see whether or not baby has shifted into the correct position for labour. If not we’re faced with the choice of either trying to have the baby turned manually, or to go for a Ceasarean Section.

In the meantime Helen is trying to do Knee-to-chest exercise to help turn the baby.

The midwife also suggested we considered Moxybustion chinese medicine. We called in to see Chinese doctor yesterday to look into this and also read up a bit online. BabyCentre.Co.Uk also suggests that this is a possible way to get baby to turn. We’re talking this over. At this stage we’d still really like to try for a natural birth…

See Moxa video on YouTube:

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