Nokia First To Take Advantage of Silverlight

Today, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft which will bring Rich Internet Application technology ‘Silverlight’ to millions of mobile phones.

I posted about new rich Microsoft Silverlight user-interface technology in the context of Microsoft Surface last week… now we see mobile device vendors beginning to sign up for this rich experience…

Silverlight is a very-much up-and-coming competitor to Adobe Flash which is already used by popular web sites such as YouTube… only Silverlight is better including better HD video support, and better, easier and more logical programming model – built from the ground up for fully-functional, cross-platform rich internet applications.

Nokia will initially make Silverlight available on its high-end smart phones, specifically the S60 model running a Symbian operating system, as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablet devices.

Microsoft demonstrated Silverlight on the S60 during the keynote at MIX08 conference today. The Windows Mobile version on Silverlight will be available later this year.

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1 Response to Nokia First To Take Advantage of Silverlight

  1. Broman says:

    Silverlight is garbage. Please explain why is even exists.

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