HD-DVD Hits The Wall… Blu-Ray Wins!!!

Finally we have a winner… but will it be a short-lived victory???

Toshiba Corp announced on Tuesday it was dumping the promotion of HD-DVD after key studios and retailers backed Sony Corp’s Blu-Ray disk format.

Rumours are already abound that Microsoft is planning to release a Blu-Ray drive for the XBOX 360 by as early as May 2008.

I have to say I think this whole format war was a joke from the outset for multiple reasons, and I also think the outcome sucks and that it’ll be a short-lived victory for Blu-Ray…

The only reason I can see why Blu-Ray won over the key studios is because it’s a darn site more difficult to pirate than HD-DVD… now right-or-wrong… you’ll excuse my sarcasm when I say that’ll appeal to the consumer masses!!! Do we really believe the general public en masse will want to invest in media they can’t easily make copies of…? No, me neither… especially when they’re already armed to the hilt with DVD players that generally meet most of their needs…

So, we’re left in a position where, if there were no other options for high-quality movies, it’s going to take a few years for Blu-Ray to take off…

Thing is, with download speeds and better and better on-demand movie  becoming available via the Internet, sky and virgin media etc, as well games consoles… there’s no shortage of other options now and becoming available which will more than likely make the idea of storing movies on this kind of media simply archaic looking…

N-Joy your victory while it lasts Blu-Ray!

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1 Response to HD-DVD Hits The Wall… Blu-Ray Wins!!!

  1. Ian Robinson says:

    Both downloads and Blu-ray will win. There will still be a market for physical discs that people want to own.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Apple add Blu-ray players to their computers. They are likely to be a big player in the HD download market with iTMS.


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