Microsoft DreamSpark – Free Development and Design Software for Students!

Today Microsoft announced DreamSpark – a new programme which allows students worldwide to download valuable professional developer and design software – COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Outgoing Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates unveiled this ultimate software giveaway to millions of students which will enable them to learn industry standard development technologies and design technologies, increasing their potential to be prepared and to succeed in today’s IT industry.

“We want to do everything we can to equip a new generation of technology leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to harness the magic of software to improve lives, solve problems and catalyze economic growth,” Gates said. “Microsoft DreamSpark provides professional-level tools that we hope will inspire students to explore the power of software and encourage them to forge the next wave of software-driven breakthroughs.”

The DreamSpark student program can be accessed by signing up at the following web address:

Software available through the student program will include:

• Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
• Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
• XNA Game Studio 2.0
• 12-month free Academic membership in the XNA Creators Club
• Microsoft designer tools. This ultra-versatile suite of tools will enable students to vividly bring their creative visions to life in vibrant new Web site designs and more effective digital content, including animation, imagery and photography.
• Expression Studio, including
• Expression Web
• Expression Blend
• Expression Design
• Expression Media
• Microsoft platform resources. The foundation for development and design platforms, these products deliver a security-enhanced, reliable and manageable environment for students to more quickly turn ideas into reality.
• SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
• Windows Server, Standard Edition

This really is a huge software giveaway! More cynical members of the IT community are speculating that this giveaway is largely in response to the rapidly growing adoption of free and open source development and design software available on the internet such as Linux, PHP, MySQL, Eclipse and The Gimp, as well as in direct competition to well-ingrained de facto industry standard commercial design software tools from Adobe…

The cynical would suggest that Microsoft is banking on their giveaway to likely have a large impact on personal preferences of graduates joining commercially licensed software development and media design companies in the coming years…

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2 Responses to Microsoft DreamSpark – Free Development and Design Software for Students!

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  2. tshidiso says:

    microsoft softwares are the best highly advance technological experience.

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