IE9 Finally Launched

Just on the remote off-chance that you haven’t heard… Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 today. You can download for free from

Installed across most of my machines this morning. Pretty impressed. Biggest noticeable difference is huge increase in speed… they’ve done a great job on this.

Not sure how this is going to go for them though. They’ve slowly been losing market share to Firefox and Chrome over the last few years. Noticeably, Microsoft IE is the only one browser out of all the major desktop browsers that is not cross-platform… Okay neither is Safari but wouldn’t really class that as a major desktop browser.

Anyway… well done Microsoft for getting what is seemingly a pretty decent, competitive browser out the door… it’d be great if it was released for Apple Mac and Linux too… think you’re gonna have to give in to this if you want your market share back again…

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1 Response to IE9 Finally Launched

  1. Ian Moran says:

    It’s a great release, excellent browser. Would love to see password sync, quickly. Doubt we’ll ever see cross-platform support

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