Microsoft® Commerce Server 2009 is Now Available on MSDN!


Over on the e-commerce blog (owned by the Commerce Server team), they announced the availability of Commerce Server 2009 on MSDN.  Excellent!

So why is this so relevant to the SharePoint audience?

Commerce Server 2009 delivers an out-of-the-box shopping site that leverages SharePoint Commerce Services which provides a gallery of 35 web parts and controls that can be assembled within SharePoint.

Here’s a list of some of the functionality provided by SharePoint Commerce Services:

· Virtual Earth Store Locator, which integrates with Virtual Earth mapping software so that shopping sites have detailed maps of store locations.

· Attract a larger consumer base by using Live™ ID, allowing single sign-on to your shopping site.

· Search that searches both the e-commerce site and static content seamlessly.

· Display reviews and ratings for individual products, and ability for shoppers to submit their own reviews and ratings, with administrative workflow for management discretion.

· Display advertisements and discounts that are relevant to both the current shopper and current site context, and that work in conjunction with Marketing Manager and campaigns.

· Shoppers and managers can take advantage of Profile Administration features, including the ability to add and edit addresses, view and launch credit card information, a registration wizard, and the ability to reset passwords.

Microsoft® Commerce Server 2009 is Now Available on MSDN!

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