Microsoft XBOX 360 NXE Update

I have just installed the new NXE Update for my XBOX 360 and, like a lot of people as it turns out, I now have no sound at all.

I have my XBOX hooked up to an HD Monitor via HDMI cables… and there’s no sound!!! Not impressed. Not remotely impressed.

I searched around on the Forums and there were various recommendations about switching on and off, removing hard-disk etc and rebooting… non of these have worked… really not that impressed.

Have read some rumours about Microsoft releasing a patch for this in the next few days…

Have gone ahead and raised a support e-mail with Microsoft to try to get the issue raised.

This update has, for the meantime, ruined my gaming experience. Did I mention I’m not impressed? I await to hear from Microsoft on a fix for this in anticipation.

After all the hype around this update… I expected more anyway… there just doesn’t seem to be much in the way of decent new functionality.

I was especially amazed that Microsoft haven’t put a Web browser onto the XBOX 360 yet. The Wii has a web browser. The PS3 has a web browser. With the NXE Update, Microsoft is trying to reposition the XBOX 360 as a more family-oriented gaming and multimedia experience… a web browser would have been a smart thing to put into this update.

It seems like the update has fallen very short of expectations and hopes for many…

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2 Responses to Microsoft XBOX 360 NXE Update

  1. Tim says:

    The update is working fine for me.

  2. Jade says:

    You may have your ports hooked up wrong, I run my xbox360 on a 55inch 1080i capable tv, it looks and sounds amazing.

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