Steve Ballmer confirms Zune coming to Windows Mobile

Class! Pure Class! I had been thinking that I would really like to get myself a new, solid, smartphone in the new year. I want something that I can use for everything – and the idea of Windows Mobile combined with Zune sounds very appealing indeed.

I will happily rush out to the store and buy one of these any day of the week! Bring it on!

So, we finally hear of something to up the bench mark against the iPhone and Google Android.

Steve Balmer confirmed today with CIO Magazine that Microsoft are to start making a Zune player for Windows Mobile. Excellent!

Today’s announcement that “the Zune software will be ported to and be more important not just with the hardware but on the PC, on Windows Mobile devices, etc”, is just great.

We see Microsoft gearing up for a much rounder media experience with additional ongoing development around the XNA Framework, wherein games will run on XBOX 360, Windows, Zune, and Windows Mobile. XNA Studio 3 (Still in Beta) is currently being re-geared to include support for Zune too – cool!

Will Zune features be available in Windows Mobile 7? Certainly CNET announced last week that Windows Mobile 7 has been seriously delayed… it sounds like they are possibly very busy at the drawing board right now.

I await in anticipation…

In the meantime… click here to check out cool Zune videos

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