From Visual Studio 2008 Team System to "Rosario"

This should be really good… albeit a bit too expensive for a lot of companies to invest in… have to admit… I’m still managing OK on a day to day basis using good old-fashioned Visual Source-Safe for small projects…but VSS really only gives you Source-Control.

For those of you of who haven’t come across Visual Studio Team System… it’s a bit like SharePoint for developers… on amphetamines! It includes lots of development management and process templates (plus associated workflows), for example around Agile and Scrum development etc… and is just smooth…

Whenever you have Visual Studio 2008 hooked up to Visual Studio Team system, you realise just how far ahead of the developer market Microsoft actually is… no other integrated development environment even comes close to this…

The next version of Visual Studio 2008 Team System is currently referred to with the Codename “Rosario”.

VS 2008 Team System is the back-end of VS 2008 and it offers features such as:

  • Version control management
  • Work-item tracking
  • Build environment
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence on project status, performance, and quality metrics
  • Customisable process templates
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Team portal for team collaboration

For more information on product comparisons and new features within VS 2008 check out the product comparison @

So what are the advancements that “Rosario” promises? The focus of the next release of VS 2008 TS is on business relevance, quality, and improved collaboration.

There is not enough room to go over all the new features that will be coming but some cool new key features, I am excited about in “Rosario”, are:

  • Integration with Microsoft Project Server
  • Project management across multiple projects
  • Full trace-ability from requirements to tests
  • Comprehensive metrics and dashboards
  • Advancements in work item management  and communication and collaboration

You can download the latest CTP of “Rosario” here .


From Visual Studio 2008 Team System to “Rosario”

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