Woolworths Slashing Xbox 360 Prices?

 Gizmodo UK is today reporting that…

“You just can’t get the staff these days. Or, in our case, these are the kind of retail staff we love. It seems Woolworth’s is about to mirror the generous US price cuts Microsoft made on the Xbox 360 in the UK, thanks to an employee scan of its upcoming retail catalogue. Either Woolies is going out on a retail limb here or they’ve been given the royal nod by Microsoft that price cuts are imminent. According to the scanned page Arcade will sell for £129.99, the Premium or Core for £169.99 and the Xbox 360 Elite for £229.99. Right now, that compares with £159.99, £199.99 and £259.99, respectively. That makes the Arcade and Premium Xbox 360s cheaper than the Wii.In other words, if you want to save £30 on each of them, just hang tight for another few weeks. Considering that the US price cuts resulted in Xbox 360 sales jumping by 100% with many retailers, Microsoft might just be thinking it can do the same here. Let’s hope so.-Martin Lynch [Engadget] Microsoft XBox consoles.”

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