Windows 7 coming June 3rd, 2009?

Engadget are reporting that:

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As you may recall, Bill Gates himself mentioned a little ways back that Windows 7 could possibly be arriving as soon as next year, which prompted some quick backtracking on Microsoft’s part, but that earlier-than-expected date has now cropped up yet again, this time supposedly in Microsoft’s internal calendar. According to, that calendar pegs the planned release date as June 3rd, 2009, which is a good deal sooner than the “early 2010” date we’ve been hearing all along, and quite a significant cut into Vista’s planned three-year lifespan. What’s more, the site also says that Microsoft will take advantage of its Professional Developer’s Conference on October 27th to launch the first public beta of Windows 7, although that doesn’t quite match up with earlier word that it’d only be revealing some “in-depth technical information” about the OS.
[Via The Earth Times]

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Windows 7 coming June 3rd, 2009?

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