Aaaargh… The Hidden Cost of Google Chrome

Yesterday, I did an initial review of Google’s new web browser “Chrome”… (which by the way I’m using right now to write this blog entry)

OK, so this is an early Beta of the product… so it’s not perfect… and it does have a few features I like (especially rendering speed which is out of this world!)

One of my initial gripes about Google releasing yet another browser is the fact that it increases the amount of addition cross-browser testing web developers and designers will have to do… in an already flooded browser market… this is not a welcome addition and the hidden cost to business will be unbelievable.

So, anyway, this evening my initial fears have been proved well-founded… I have been developing a web application since July in my spare time which is reasonably advanced, but uses mainstream web development technologies including: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, ASP.NET, C#, well-formed XHTML, CSS, and the latest version of ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. Is all reasonably close to good development standards – although there are a few areas of improvement I could make.

I have made heavy use of the AJAX Control Toolkit in this application… more use than I care to re-develop at this stage in the game… I am hoping to get a Beta of this application into deployment this side of Christmas…

I have been testing using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox… and all is working seamlessly and identically across both browsers.

So I loaded my web-app into Google Chrome this evening and wasn’t too impressed to find that some of my AJAX controls aren’t working. Most of them were OK – but some aren’t fully working and I just find it dissappointing that I’m potentially going to have to start finding work arounds for this kind of thing if Google doesn’t kick their newbie browser into shape!

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