XBOX 360 and GTA IV – Just Great!

I bought a new Microsoft XBOX 360 specifically to play GTA IV on (although have bought and borrowed a whole bunch of games for it).

This has turned out to be a great investment. I have HDMI cables going from both my XBOX 360 and my PC into an HDMI switch which is then plugged into my HD Monitor – so I can just switch between Vista and the XBOX on the same screen – works perfectly. The graphics quality and smoothness of gameplay of gaming is just sweet!

My brother-in-law bought me the messenger keyboard that plugs into the bottom of the game controller so you can sign into Windows Live Messenger.

Still have to get myself setup on XBOX Live which I fully intend to do. I want to procure the wireless bridge dongle (shame this wasn’t built in by default into the machine as this is an additional £46 from amazon).

The XBOX 360 and Windows Vista work seamlessly together for media streaming so I’ll also be able to wireless stream my music through this if and when we ever invest into a larger HD TV elsewhere in the house.

One thing I did think was missing from the XBOX 360 was the presence of a web browser… both the PS3 and the Wii both have browsers – it seems strange that Microsoft didn’t stick an XBOX version of Internet Explorer web browser onto the XBOX… probably something to do with anti-competitiveness…

GTA IV itself… possibly the best game ever made… Rockstar have not let us down. The game runs extremely smoothly on the XBOX although the loading times could be a little faster. Am only about 25% through the game and am just loving it. The sheer amount of detail and effort put into this makes it truly a work of art. The cars are beautiful, the environment feels alive, the plot is engrossing… it just all feels good.

A few things I don’t like about GTA IV…

  • I wish the environment was more destructable and realistic… If you drive a car at 100MPH into the front of a shop window… I’d expect the car to go through the shop window… not bounce back into the street.
  • I wish the environment was more accessible… there are lots of buildings which should have lots of rooms… but not too many open doors… would be better if you could kick any door in and go anywhere in the map… and it would be cool if the properties were inhabited appropriately.
  • I wish there were planes… In earlier versions of GTA you could fly planes… this has been removed out of respect to 9/11 which I think is just dumb… they haven’t removed bombing and shooting from the game out of respect to all the other horrific terrorist acts the world has seen over and over again… they haven’t removed cars out of respect for all the car bombings the world has seen… Given that this games glorifies violence, crime and the murdering of innocent people… it’s just seems a little superficial to take planes out of the game in respect for a one-off act of terrorism in a small part of the world that happened years ago. Flying planes was one of the best parts of GTA San Andreas and it is sorely missed from GTA IV.
  • I wish you could procure property earlier and easier – I’m currently running around the game with thousands of dollars in my pocket… but I’m living in a really dodgy apartment…
  • I wish the map was bigger… like world-size bigger… instead of just one city and one general environment theme… it would be really cool to be able to travel to any part of the world… the game is limited in that you know the most you can ever aspire to is becoming a City boss… if the map was expanded to be more world sized then you could play to become an international crime boss…
  • Think there should be much more online capabilities… able to setup online teams where we could compete against each other to rise up through the ranks…

I suppose, really what I’m saying is that GTA needs to become a lot more like SecondLife in its architecture for the future for online play and achievements… and much more like Far Cry or Crysis in respect of destructability – needs to be much more real! We want real!

Anyway… love the XBOX 360… and thoroughly enjoying GTA IV… all well worth it for entertainment…

Am also playing Assassins Creed and a few other games at the minute… and have a few others on my Amazon Wishlist at the minute… too many games and not enough gaming time seems to be the only issue!

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2 Responses to XBOX 360 and GTA IV – Just Great!

  1. iblogologist says:

    It’s really interesting to get an Xbox owners take on GTA3. I agree with all your comments on whats missing from the game although I quite like the fact that the scenery does’nt destruct, it’s an old skool thing that all the GTA titles have had.

    Main reason I commented was about your first paragraph, I have lots of passions but two of them are my PC and the other, the PS3. My other half enjoys TV which means my game time is much reduced? 😦
    What monitor do you have that allows you to hook your console and your PC to, I’m looking at buying a new HD monitor because of the cost of buyinh a HD tv is still ridiculous!

  2. hdmi says:

    i’ve only played the ps3 version, and it has a lot of problems with lighting and sound. sometimes it’s too dark, and you can’t hear dialogue from NPC’s.

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