Caesarean Section it is then!

Well, baby still hasn’t turned into the right position that is safe for natural birth, so we are booked in this week for a sunroof job at the Ulster Hospital.

Think we have mixed emotions on the whole thing, between Excitement and Fear. This is a standard, everyday, procedure, but it’s still an operation with risks that is apparently about four times more dangerous for the mother than a natural birth – probably because the risk of infection is higher with being cut open and all that. Although the statistics are also probably a bit skewed because a lot of the women who need C-Sections need them because of other health concerns etc.

But I think our excitement is far outweighing our fears. Can’t wait to see and hold our little baby now. Gutted the house over the weekend cleaning and getting nursery a bit more prepared.Nursery is full of toys and books now.

Think we’re pretty much ready to go!

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