GTA IV’s Latest Trailer – Everyone’s a Rat

I have played every GTA game ever released. I know my way around San Andreas better than I know how to get round the city I live in. Don’t really care how sad that sounds to some of you… I have no remorse over putting in 100s of gaming hours into this… I wouldn’t change a thing…

This series of games has been, by and far, my favourite PC games of all time… which is why I am unbelievably dissappointed over the fact that the new GTA IV – which currently has preview boxes lining the walls of every GAME store in the country, and is currently the number 1 pre-ordered game – is only being released by RockStar for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles next month… there are some unconfirmed rumours that they might release it for the PC in October this year… not good enough! Not nearly good enough!

I  have concluded that I need to procure an XBOX 360 A.S.A.P! My birthday is in the not too long distant future and I’ve been dropping hints left, right and centre to friends and family to buy me one.

Anyway… there’s lots and lots of GTA IV movies on you tube… and this is the latest!

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2 Responses to GTA IV’s Latest Trailer – Everyone’s a Rat

  1. Ian Robinson says:

    Get a PS3 and use it as your living room Blu-ray player. Lots of people are doing that. I did. Got a text from my boss yesterday to say he’d just bought one. The best Blu-ray HD player on the market and a hot games machine for free…

  2. archetypical says:

    Archetypical says : I absolutely agree with this !

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