Baby Still Breech

Baby is officially due on the 7th April… and is still in the wrong breech position for easy natural birth.

My wife went to the Ulster Hospital at Dundonald last week to see if it was possible to move the baby round into the correct position using External Cephalic Version (ECV) technique which apparently can be quite painful.

They scanned her and decided they weren’t able to do the ECV because the baby’s umbilical cord was in the way and it would have been too risky.

Because this is our first baby, the hospital does not allow vaginal breech delivery – so she’s going to the hospital this week again to get an appointment for a Caesarean Section instead.

We are kind of hoping that it will be this Friday, mostly because my wife is just so uncomfortable now, struggling to get any sleep. As well as that, the anticipation and excitement is now killing us!!!

In the meantime, we have spent yesterday and today (Easter holidays) catching up on lost sleep and resting up as much as possible in bed. Chances are that once the little one arrives we mightn’t get too much more sleep for many many months… thought we’d take the chance to get rest while it was going!

Aside from this, we are all ready to go. Bags are packed. Got clean miniDV tape in the camcorder and digital camera is charged. I have put nursing area together in our bedroom including crib, nursing chair, night-light, room thermometer, and have also started putting nursery together including changing table and place to store baby’s clothes and toys and stuff, and have new car seat and buggy bought.

Will wait and see what date the section is going to be. They usually schedule it to be about one week before the official due date – so chances are pretty good that by this time next week we should have a baby!

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