BioShock 2 Officially Announced

Take-Two Interactive have announced that BioShock 2 is officially in the pipeline.

BioShock, designed by Ken Levine, released in August 2007, was one of last year’s biggest XBOX and PC first-person “genetically-enhanced” shooter games, with over 2 million units sold. This game came from nowhere and received an extremely positive reception, now voted as the 13th best ever game, so it’s no wonder they’re investing in a sequel.

I’ve been playing Crysis and Call of Duty 4, and have to say that BioShock is the best – very possibly has been the most original, immersive first-person shooter I’ve played since Far Cry.

Set in 1960, BioShock places the player in the body of Jack whose plane crashes mid sea. Making your way to a lighthouse, you find your way venturing into the vast Objectivistdystopian underwater city called Rapture – once a truly amazing underwater city, but now neglected, creaking and leaking like an old submarine – it is truly like being in a horror movie where have to survive against a population of mutants and robot drones.

It’s the first game I’ve ever played were I actually found myself sitting for at least 2 minutes trying to make a moral decision on whether to pull the trigger or not… the first time you kill a Big Daddy you are faced with the choice of saving or harvesting one of the little sisters… I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger!

One of the really cool elements of BioShock that differentiates it from all other shooters at the minute is the ability to completely improve your weapons and other abilities.

I’m still really enjoying playing this game on the PC… fantastic gameplay, fantastic theme, amazing sound. The sound in the game really makes it… it is totally creepy from fx to background music… and totally suits the art deco theme in the game.

The game actually scooped 8 G.A.N.G Audio awards presented by the The Game Audio Network Guild. “Every now and again, life provides one of those great moments of satisfaction for which words are really inadequate to describe,” said BioShock composer Garry Schymann.

If you haven’t played BioShock yet I highly recommend you take a trip to your local game store and procure a copy… like now… like why are you still reading this blog post???

The sequel, planned for a fourth-quarter fiscal 2009 release date, is actually rumoured to be a prequel which focuses on the fall of Rapture, is apparently being developed by newly formed 2K Marin studio.

BioShock 2 should be totally awesome! Of course before all that I’ve gotta play Far Cry 2!!!

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