Microsoft Releases Open Source Operating System

Today, Microsoft announced that they are making their experimental operating system called Singularity completely open source and is now available to the public for free download on CodePlex.

Released under a Microsoft academic, non-commercial license the project has gained wide interest from researchers and the general public. The fact that there’s a non-commercial use license in there means that it’s not strictly open source in the traditional sense of the term.

I find this operating system very interesting and has the potential to become Microsoft’s preferred operating system in the future. Currently it’s really just an experimental ,research, test-bed concept Operating System to show off .NET capabilities. It’s not meant to be some kind of Windows, OS X or Linux contender. Microsoft Research has stated that this operating system has been designed with an emphasis on dependability instead of performance.

Microsoft Research have published extensive information on the OS.

Based on cutting-edge, object-oriented C# .NET programming language, and therefore based a fully managed code kernel, including managed code drivers and applications as well, this open source project has the potential to be a truly revolutionary operating system, and one that I fully intend to spend some more time researching myself.

There is a lot of speculation that this is just a dreamy, blue-skies Microsoft research project, and at this stage I’d tend to favour that opinion.

Nevertheless, I think they’d be crazy not to promote it through the teeth within the open source community otherwise I think they’d be really letting .NET down. It would be embarrassing for them if they let this remain as a toy operating system – as some kind of inane attempt to distract the open source community away from Linux. They need to take this seriously – to the extent of seriously considering this, or a project something like this, as their alternative applications platform instead of windows. They should view this as an opportunity.

What I think they should really do is change the license to be GPL, and then make this stable enough as a free Windows Live and Office Live Services client operating system, and obviously then it would be extensible for third-party vendors to bring additional functionality in there if they wished.

Anyway, am downloading this now to have a look at the project to see what, if any, real opportunities exist within this for developers. Will keep you posted if I think this is any good.

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  1. Aubreyqu says:

    favorited this one, guy

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