Terminator 4 – Arnie Won’t Be Back…

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, which stars Christian Bale as adult rebel leader John Connor, is due out in cinemas on May 22nd… I… can…. not…. wait!!!!!!!!! Could certainly put a dampner on the release of Night at the Museum II on the same weekend… I mean like… seriously… rampant psycho cyborgs with automatic machine guns set in the future… versus a trip to the museum… mmmmmm….

The movie is meant to be the first of a new Terminator trilogy, all set in the future… billed to “re-invent the cyborg saga”… This time the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future with a full scale war between Skynet and the last of mankind!

No Arnie this time… awe… he apparently turned down a cameo role as he’s a busy man these days… being the guvnor of California and “vunning de govornmunt n … de… stuff” … either that or they finally realised that skin-tight leather slacks and a bathtub-full of Just for Men on a 60-year old Austrian pensioner was maybe going to make their movie look like a dodgy episode of EuroTrash…

Anyway… can’t wait to see this movie… and you’ve got to ask yourself… how detached from reality is it all anyway…. given the news this week that there are now 4000 US robots fighting in IRAQ, and other headlines this week…

Killer Robots Could Pose Latest Militant Threat – Reuters, 27-FEB-2008

‘Robot Arms Race’ underway, expert warns – NewScientistTech, 27-FEB-2008

That’s all for now… “I’ll Be Back!” (Sorry… I know…couldn’t resist…)

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