Preparing for New Arrival

OK, so it’s now 5.5 weeks left to go until our little girl is due to be born and we’ve been pretty busy since the start of the new year trying to make arrangements for the new arrival.

It’s been my job to move furniture around the house a lot, and do DIY things in preparation. We didn’t have space in our kitchen to fit a tumble dryer, so I knocked down our old shed (which was overdue because the damp had really got the better of it), had a new one erected in the back garden. My dad wired it up for electrics and the new tumble dryer was put in there last Thursday. This evening I put the finishing touches to the new pathway that I had dug out, filled with quarry dust, and then put nice red slabs down on.

Have got our bedroom pretty much clear and ready to go. Shifted shelves downstairs out of the way to make room for crib, and am moving the TV out this weekend because there’s meant to be a nursing chair for Dutalier arriving this week. Not exactly sure where the bedroom TV is going to go to.

Already we have more baby clothes than we quite know what to do with or have room for – need more storage! So apparently M&S are doing nursery furniture inc set of drawers, wardrobe and bed (which she won’t need yet but might as well get) for about £500… will try to get a race up to M&S this weekend to have a look.

My wife, on the other hand, has been doing a huge amount of preparation herself… she has been steadily stocking up on pampers and baby wipes and baby accessories – although we’re both completely torn over the eco/green issue of whether or not we should be buying disposable nappies – the debate continues… she has all the little clothes washed, and tumble-dried, and ironed and ready to go, she has her bag…packed… I don’t…. I think I should pack some comfortable shoes given that I’m probably going to end up doing about 100 laps of the Ulster Hospital maternity ward in 2 days…

As her ‘Birth Partner’… She also e-mailed me her ‘Birth Plan’ this evening which I need to print out and put into my bag for labour. This is the document that outlines how she would like the labour to go pending on the unknown and feasible at the time. This evening I am studying this document to make sure I remember it as best as possible… she has explained it to me a few times now… general gist of it is this…

She would like to try to use one of the birthing pools in one of the Ulster Hospital’s new home-from-home suites, and try to get through the pain herself trusting in her body’s ability to adjust to heightening levels of pain with endorphins. She should also be able to use gas and air. I am to ignore any requests to move her upstairs to the labour ward if, and only if, she is at or beyond the transitional stage in labour. Once you get past the transitional stage you are in the second stage of labour then you’re meant to be on the home stretch.

Anyway… tomorrow I have the morning booked off work. We’re going to the hospital for our last scan which I’m really looking forward to.

In the next few weeks we are also due to start our Parent Craft Classes… these used to be called antenatal classes… think I would have preferred the latter term… the words ‘Craft Classes’ always conjure up images of balsa wood, wood glue, Cornflakes boxes and Sellotape to me… I fear they are going to hand me a doll and a nappie and I, with a trusty pair of safety scissors am going to transform them into a hand-painted Star Wars base and a glitter-covered Father’s Day Card…

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