Microsoft Surface and Silverlight 2

Microsoft Surface was first announced a few years ago, and there’s been lots more talk about this year as it has become more productised.

If you haven’t heard about Microsoft Surface, then click the following link for an intro:

Think this is really cool and would love to see it transferred to next-generation laptop/desktop screens…

Surface is going to be cool and seems to be drawing an increasing amount of attention… but what about the developer side of this…??? It looks like Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Blend, WPF and XAML are going to play a big part in the application development of all this… have been looking at all of these more and more and self-teaching… Microsoft Silverlight 2 is due out pretty soon which will include .NET Framework coding support and usher in the next generation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in direct competition to Adobe Air and open-source Adobe Flex 3 which Adobe just released yesterday morning… .NET coders are going to love Silverlight because it builds upon their existing skills and toolsets and really does allow designers and developers to work separately but together, and for the first time their code will work in any mainstream browser on any mainstream operating system!

Scott Guthrie posted a really good intro to Silverlight 2 earlier in the week… click here…

There’s some more up-to-date videos of this from CES 2008 in Las Vegas…

This one’s just a generic demo…

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1 Response to Microsoft Surface and Silverlight 2

  1. Adam says:

    I finally got to play around with one of these in person. I was impressed by how accurately it detected input from multiple users.

    While a large number of the apps are only for technology demonstration purposes, it is easy to see how this could indeed become a ubiquitous appliance in many commercial settings. Maybe we’ll see initial adoption by the end of this year? (2008)

    Using silverlight 2 and expression, the development for this device will be great. Now that the Silverlight 2 beta is out, I would recommend grabbing a copy. It is going to be very nice to be able to develope web, windows, surface, mobile apps through the same code base.

    Here are some videos from units on display at MIX 08 including a Snow Board Customization App.

    This sure has come a long way from their sample unit in Redmond. Only thing left is a good/quick way of capturing user input (text).

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