Ulster Hospital Maternity Unit

My wife Helen and I are expecting our first baby in about 6 weeks time and we went for a tour this evening at the new Ulster Hospital Maternity Unit in Dundonald.

Apparently we were quite lucky. The midwife said they were stopping the tours to help reduce the risk of infection, and instead they’re making a virtual tour DVD instead for future expectant parents to watch at home.

We were there before for two scans last year, but this evening we had the chance to get to see around on the upstairs floors including the Home from Home area and the Labour Ward.

We were really impressed with the new unit. It’s a nice, bright and really spotlessly clean environment and the midwives we’ve met there have been really friendly and helpful.

The Home from Home units especially just looked amazing, each of which includes a birthing pool which my wife is really hoping to get to use.

The tour was excellent and we left feeling really excited about the whole thing and looking forward to going there… at this stage Helen is hoping sooner rather than later!

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2 Responses to Ulster Hospital Maternity Unit

  1. dory says:

    Hi Andy

    I’m thinking of going to the Dundonald to have my baby in a few weeks. Would you mind telling me how it went in the end?

    Thank you!

    • Andrew Poots says:

      Was excellent. Really great staff. Great environment/facilities for mother and child. We were really lucky to get one of the side rooms which had it’s own bathroom and TV etc. Only complaint I had was, as father visiting and spending long hours there in morning, during day and evening etc there wasn’t much in the way of facilities. Found myself trying to catch up on sleep a lot in a pretty uncomfortable chair beside the bed most of the time with the baby sleeping over my shoulder whenever wife was trying to catch up on sleep during the day. Could have used a camp-bed or something like that would have been a bit more comfortable :-). Facilities for baby and wife were second to none though.

      All in all, clean, great, friendly and very professional staff and facilities and food etc for mother and child. Couldn’t really fault the place. Is very patient focused. Visitors (fathers) – not so much in the way of facilities, food etc… there is a restaurant in the hospital but doesn’t stay open very late… apart from that there is a McDonalds just across the road. Maybe want to prep your husband or partner to bring lunches, prep for dinner etc.

      All the very best for yourself!



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